Steel Roof Truss for pole barn, pole shed, metal building

January 27th, 2013 by Bob The Builder

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Building Roof Trusses in Chief Architect, framing and details, as well as scissor trusses being framed automatically. This is a step by step video showing you how to install these systems. Learn many more free tricks at –

13 Responses to “Steel Roof Truss for pole barn, pole shed, metal building”

  1. rabbit21ish Says:

    agpro is a much better building give them a call701 6304825

  2. stanfosa1 Says:

    Video playback is not working. Can you help?

  3. Starrwulf7 Says:

    link does not work

  4. skatesurfsmoke Says:

    Any California dealers?

  5. jason konia Says:

    you helped me greatly in my assignment,thanks.

  6. ChiefTutor Says:

    Sorry I did not understand your question. Can you be more specific? 

  7. xXrexrapterXx Says:

    how do you select, the dos walls from each side ,like this (ctrl + right clck on each wall ) or what?? plz respond im try to make the roof

  8. RTGROY Says:

    a hundred videos about installing roof trusses. how many about making one? well some guy with a few pallets and a nail gun…. thats about the lot

  9. plansman Says:

    Nice video!

  10. caragorock Says:

    Great videos !!!!very well explained.
    I want and I can’t create trusses for a living space in the attic.
    House is 32′ x 32′ with a full gable roof 12/12 with living attic. Can you teach how
    to create thes type of trusses?

  11. ChiefTutor Says:

    The program is called: Chief Architect

  12. mrphilip1979 Says:

    What is program you are using?

  13. ChiefTutor Says:

    Glad u liked it – you might also like our main website

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